Take Flight With A Travel And Tourism Diploma

Do you dream of an adventure-filled career? Do you have a passion for tourism and travel? Do you crave new experiences abroad that do not chain you down like a typical 9-5 job may? Then look into a Travel and Tourism diploma. Mixing classroom theory and practical hands-on training, a tourism and travel program will introduce you to all aspects of the industry, including preparing you for certification exams needed to become a Certified Travel Counsellor.

Turn your passions and interests into a real-life career with a travel and tourism diploma program which will typically include 600 hours of on-campus training, 160 hours of on-the-job training within a tourism company and much more.

In fact, there is no better time than now to join the ever-expanding tourism industry. An estimated 84,500 new skilled tourism workers are needed in British Columbia alone by 2015. Discover now how a tourism and travel course can propel you into an exciting new career.

Graduates in a travel and tourism program develop the necessary skills and techniques needed for entry-level positions in this fast-paced and exciting milieu. Students can expect to take courses such as the following: Travel Tourism Introduction; Accommodation; Ground Transportation; Marine Transportation; Tours, plus administration of client bookings; airline industry; Apollo “live” GDS; airline fare structures; total client management; professional selling skills; career development and sabre airline reservation system. These courses help prepare for entry-level positions in the airlines, cruise lines, travel agencies, hotels and resorts.

A travel and tourism diploma provides an enormous wealth of skills and training for a wide range of career opportunities within the industry, including: airline ticketing agent; airline guest services agent; flight attendant; reservations agent; hotel concierge; conference sales; corporate travel agent; leisure travel agent; wedding planning; tourism marketing; travel counsellor; tour guide; adventure tour organizer and much, much more.

You can be sure of the quality of the tourism and travel diploma course curriculum you are receiving if the school has a 5-star rating from the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors. This represents the highest level of industry validated tourism curriculum in Canada. Also, look for a school that is an International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) authorized training centre.

A school with a comfortable learning environment and a staff made up of caring individuals can make a big difference as well.

Instead of only dreaming about a new career, take the steps today to look into a travel and tourism diploma program. You may just find it to be the welcome change you needed.

Travel and Leisure Vacations – What is Your Ideal Vacation Supposed to Be?

When you hear about travel and leisure vacations what thought or imagination gets into your head? Most people tend to think of travel and leisure vacations as eating to your maximum, filling up with as much alcohol as you can take, sandy beaches and fancy hotels. Others usually take travel and leisure vacations to be expensive dining, drinking yourself crazy, Broadway theatre, or hi-rise buildings. All these imaginations are good and valid. Nonetheless, whatever thought, picture or imagination that one may have be it, a tropical Caribbean getaway to a relaxed bed and breakfast in a secluded five star hotel, only few people put into consideration deep adventure and travelling.

Although the idea of overseas travel and leisure vacations is relatively a new thing in town, they have been accepted very well and they are gaining quick publicity and popularity. Many groups are now organizing hiking vacations where they sleep in tents, eco-lodges or in sleeping bags under the stars of night. Travelling is usually through road or on a horseback. Similarly, if the distance is not too far, you can also go on foot. During these types of travel and leisure vacations, you are supposed to carry your food as you will be getting to areas where there are no shops or supermarkets available. Although such an idea may not look possible, it is already in place in most parts of America and Africa.

According to my past experience, travel and leisure vacations should not be a time to always lie down from dawn to dusk. Take for example a person who is trying to cut weight and off he or she leaves for an overseas vacation. This should not be the time to regain all the weight he or she had lost earlier on. Your vacation should most definitely be a time to relax from the normal hustles and bustles of each day at work or school. However, as much as you relax you should never forget about tomorrow.

Doing the abnormal

Travel and leisure vacations are guided by one concept of getting away from the normal routine. This concept draws knowledge from simple ideas such as, venting, relaxing and enjoying nature and avoiding anything that might bring back the normal stress of each working day. With the latest dimension on travel and leisure vacations, you should also expand your view to include other activities such as walking, jogging, biking or going to the gym in the morning.

Earlier concepts that were there from centuries ago and still find importance and massive support from many people include; meeting and interacting with new people, adventure travelling, visiting historic sites and tourist destination cities, and exploring other realities that have just heard over the media.

Eco-tourism has been the heart of travel and leisure vacations because of its uniqueness and the dynamic environment. It incorporates very amazing facts and ways of manipulating most traditional theories behind vacation. This has led to the inception of many tour companies all over the world.